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What are domain names? 

Domain names are digital real estate and the original NFTs of the web, key to your online indentity. These are balance sheet assets not P&L expense, your brand equity and an appreciating asset.

Many savvy company founders utilise domain names as there brand name apposed to unmatched brand/web address. For example Amazon.com wouldn't have the same impact if the domain was shopamazon.com or WeAreAmazon.com. It's vitaly important to own your exact match brand domain name. 

Owning a premium domain name gives you brand credibilty, trust, loyalty and the ability to pivot your brand as and when required. 

Lets take the example HomeBrokersLondon.com this domain is limiting the company growth to London, from a brand perspective aspect, dropping the word "London" would open the brand to national/international growth HomeBrokers.com. Take it a step further Home.com can become a household brand. Home.com recently sold for 8 figures under NDA!


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